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Hi all.

Playing 1.7 and am noticing my game freezing right at the start of WoR. I can reproduce it over and over.

It happens when feeding the fish to Prof Oak in that small house on the island. Right when he is about to die.. when you leave the house after he eats his last fish and re-enter... when he is supposed to be dead in the bed-- the game locks. I can still hear the BGM music playing. Well... the ocean. But otherwise, the game is unresponsive. Black screen.

I have no codes enabled, I tried resetting the game, reloading. It keeps getting stuck here. Anyone have any ideas? I really want to continue.

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Update... it's working now. I just kept doing it over and over. I noticed that the time it worked, the Prof said new things than he ever did while it was crashing... like I'm feeling better and more fish please. When he said these things, it worked fine. The times my game was freezing, the last thing the Prof said (and everytime it froze) was something like "I dreamed of a city... I'll be sure to not wake up from it"...

I know my issue is fixed but I'll leave this here incase there might be something to look at? Idk... anyways, cheers! love the game

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Gi Nattak
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Yeah sorry about that, it was brought to my attention the other day and has been fixed for the next update that will be out very soon!


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Cool, thanks man!

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