Return of the Dark Sorcerer: A FFVI mod



Return of the Dark Sorcerer is an incredibly large fan-made Final Fantasy 6 modification that's been in development since around 2010. Originally the brainchild of Gi Nattak, the project has evolved over the years thanks to a dedicated team and other skilled members of the FF6 romhacking community.

This mod promises to showcase some of the challenging aspects of FF6 romhacking, as well as plenty of fun and exciting new content; from an all new cast of playable characters with customized movesets, a radically changed story with many new and edited events, new overworld maps, a new musical soundtrack, difficulty selection, new battle scripts for monsters & bosses, and an absolute ton of custom monster/esper and NPC sprites.

It is a highly personalized modification of the original game and therefore naturally won't appeal to everyone. It's not a sequel or a prequel, or a remake to FF6, it is simply a massive amalgamation mod and customization of FF6 which does contain a whole bunch of references and can be rather nonsensical or even immersion-breaking at times... but if you go into it prepared for this, I am sure you will have a much more enjoyable experience. That being said, a whole lot of time and energy has gone into this project and we are quite pleased with the result.

Current version is 2.9.4 (DL link below)

ATTENTION!: This site ( no longer supports forum posts it seems... While the current version of the mod will still be linked here, I'd highly suggest going over to and/or the ff6hacking Discord channel to keep up with current RotDS news or get in touch with us. It seems cut back on a bunch of the things the 'free version' previously featured, including a forum... so for now I've just linked the 'Forum' tab at the top to the RotDS forum over at Sorry for the troubles!

EDIT: After doing some research, it seems will actually be shutting down... so this sad excuse of a site may go at any time. It's been real guys! Please migrate over to if you haven't already!


- New cast of characters with customized move sets.

- New and customized events.

- A whole new musical soundtrack.

- New WoB and WoR overworld maps.

- Difficulty selection.

- Music player.

- A font change in config menu.

- New dialog script.

- Major original bugs fixed, many of the lesser ones as well.

- WoB Colosseum added.

- Soul Shrine boss medly event.

- Longer Esper & Spell names.

- Natural stat growth.

- Stat raising items, ala Chrono Trigger & FFIV.

- Character class names.

- More Rare items, with uses.

- More Item icons.

- Increased game difficulty.

- Removed Magicite level-up bonuses.

 - Different skills like Magic, Tools, Item etc. all take different time before initiating.

- New Game + event.

- New and customized maps.

- A hundred or so added treasures.

- Lowered monster encounter rate.

- Music plays uninterrupted (no battle music) in most non-overworld areas.

- The 7 dragons replaced with Lord Envoy's FFVI Advance Monsters Den counterparts.

- Super bosses.

- Imported BRR's (instrument samples) from other games.

- New monsters and bosses. (Sprites, battle scripts, stats)

- Unique NPC sprites, and some very interesting characters.

- Custom character portraits.

- New spells and custom spell animations, as well as weapon graphics.

- Hold "B" to sprint.

- High MP costing Spells, and a fixed MP digit in the menu to compensate.

- Near Fatal Status is changed to 1/4 HP from 1/8, to encourage more Desperation Attacks; - Desperation Attacks is not limited to just once per battle per character.

- New equipment and Relics.

- All items have descriptions.

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