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Gi Nattak
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This is a list of everything we have planned for version 2.0. I am putting it all here in case anyone is curios, can help, or in case I die.
There are obviously massive spoilers!




- Have a hide n seek game with kids in mobliz in order to get the underwater helmet.


- Have Oboro (and party) find his partner who killed Arc's mom and have some event, maybe he kills him. Or the guy pleads for his life and you have a choice to kill him or set himfree, resulting in different outcomes.


- Have some event backstory about Arc's dad.


- use that weird unused well/hole tile in thamasa in that unused area and have character

be able to jump down there, for something...or a dungeon.


- use Fred's level check code, for Lord Envoy give Tonberry permission, possibly other stuff liiike...?


- make Kefka's Tower have a 'forcefield' around it, so you'd need an item from Fanatics

Tower at the top to break the forcefield to gain entry.


- have a CAAM (character acting as monster) battle with Emporer Gestahl, Kefka vs. Fusoya,

Golbez, on the FC after Golbez strikes them down. So instead of Gestahl just dying there

he gets back up and then the CAAM battle would ensue, he would be dead afterwords.


- create treasure event where you take an item from a house or shop and the person notices

and says something.


- wor ultros boss battle would be cool.


- Lone Wolf breaks out of jail and edited chasing event with a possible battle.


- A alternate character sprite dressing room ala T-Edition.


- Otis hidden event on Skull Rock, WoB. Gets drunk and remineses about his wife.


- More work on the church auction. Maybe change the whole thing up to donate gil in order

to receive prizes.


- Mercenaries to clear out monsters somewhere - can use the "no random encounter bit' for



- Monsters attack the orphanage event in WoR - one uses Demon Breath and kicks out a

charactor, Teresa the Nun joins the battle. Might have to bring Ronan to the orphanage to

trigger this event.


- For Golbez to join in the WoR must have Fusoya and then battle him. Make Golbez full of

hatred and battle to Golbez' music. Then afterwords Fusoya talks since into him and he



- Have Arc battle Mr. Grimm after the first battle - Grimm would survive the battle and

put the team under some spell crippling them, Arc would come back out from inside and the

battle would ensue.


- have Santa give you presents to deliver to the orphanage kids. Then he cuts his prices

at his shop once completed, or something.


- give some kid(s) the spiderman comic, for something.


- change the airship, or chocobo at the auction, into magitek armor? Or have Cid on

airship grant the status? Put a M.tek armor on the ship?


- Expand on colosseum dreamer dreams.


- Have something with Death npc in WoR Zozo, as he tells you to come back later.


- Have more uses for the Rust-Oleum. (unstick gears for trip to anceint castle?)


- Have some use for the rare book items, like give to some kid npc and get a reward.


- Steal Pandora's box idea of oil nneded for castle engine gears before going koholigen?


Would need:

1 NPC (engineers brother)

2 text boxes

rare item slot (need make rare item list scrollable)

move the soldiers that guard the cave and mountain etc


Engineer: [The gears really took a beating from that last emergancy dive, can't risk

another dive until we get some high quality oil...

My brother makes the stuff, but he's visiting Township...]


Brother in Township (2nd visit for oil): [Hello there. Oh, my brother sent you? So, the

gears acting up again, eh? Here, take this oil, it should do the trick.]


- make it so the narsh bridge and door switch back at the WoR? Or every time you go

through it even?


map032 wob

switch & door 1C434 event bit 042

bridge 1C3D2 event bit 040

EE 1C45B

new trigger entering other door would set it back

map026 wor

EE 294E0

reset event bit(s) at wor for switch!

new trigger

d0 d2 set CA/804A

d1 d2 clear CA/804D



Code Stuff:

- Gau desperately needs a desperation attack. Leo Also. Maybe even Astral? Reaper also??


- Implement Edrin's Monster AI Upgrade Patch, includes 24-bit monster HP patch.


- make gp in treasure be any value and not have to end with 0.


- Need Mog to have a class name of Geodancer - Fred's class name code needs another

exception made.


- Stumble (like failed dance) on regular attack randomly if blind.


- charm status have character lauging ala CT.


- implement fred's 4-slot item & steal drop?


- maybe make Havoc Sword cost MP?


addresses for 4-drop expansion:




percentage example for Guard:

50% Nothing (common)

36% Band-aid (semi-common)

12% Iron Sword (semi-rare) (could put rare item for both this and last one for 16%!)

4% Beast Hide (rare)


(in the origial game it's 88% common and 12% rare)




- Fix/relocate Shadow's knife bad pixel.


- Turn Havoc Sword back to original graphic - need to copy/paste an original piece of the

handle somewhere and point to it because it shares with regular iron sword.


- Cloud's limit need Buster graphic for all.


- Expand Gilgamesh sprite to Kugawattan's (with permission).


- unique sprite(s) for axem rangers would be nice.


- aurora's mom should have a unique sprite also, and other NPCs probably.




- Open up the Orphanage again in the WoB and have new dialog.


- New changed dialog for the 2 other towns shrowded in darkness from the F.C. as they seem

to not even notice/care that a floating island is in the air blocking out the sun...


- Old NPC: [Back in my day, there was no such thing as "Generic". Everyone had a purpose,

unlike you whippersnappers!]


- Kid: [Mom said I can't play outside because of the monsters. I'm so bored!]


- 3 empty boxes:


[caption #2668] 4B 6D 0A


100 Gil!


[caption #2645] 4B 56 0A

Bid 8,000 Gil.

Don't bid.


[caption #31]


Please enter a name.



- 1 unused texts:


[caption #362]

Now which way???



(Left) (Right)




- more changes between difficulty versions.

(gotta watch out for the damn AI bug though...)


- Have some heavy magic using boss battles pick on arc and/or counter Runic if possible.


- use if char level X (too high) run away? To stop power-leveling and annoyance.



- New custom ending song by Jackimus that utilizes the new themes.


- New opera play with custom song(s) by Jackimus.





Axe'd treasure bit info:


7A14 pig now 5802


[06B] Developer's House, Inside Room

1E70, 3 - Quicksilver


[085] Watcher's Woods 2

1E70, 7 - Soma Drop


[086] Watcher's Woods 3

1E70, 5 - Necronomicon


[0A9] Township, Outside

1E70, 1 - 3900 Gil


[0BC] Stardust Village, Outside (WoB)

1E71, 1 - 1400 Gil


[157] Jericho, Item Shop

1E70, 0 - Elixir



Things I need to check out and/or fix:


- Reapers learned souls get unleared between different recruitments?


- optimize doesn't seem to work good on dual still - it would equip first a shield, then a

2nd weapon, or switch the order somtimes.


New Game + Issues:

- Skips a part for Serpent Trench. (that bit never gets reset I guess)

- Terra vs Guards runs out of MP which she shouldn't because it's a battle event.

- Fusoya loses his learned lores...spells also? What about Golbez? (maybe not an issue

anymore with 1.7.4)

- Reaper comes with all possible Rages learned somehow. Kinds cool though, since NG+...


- Get palette 6 characters to show up correctly in save menus, like Astral, Fusoya...and

also on the maps that use modify background color entrance events.


- Aether skills once confused fuck up with the step-back issue.


- How did Mr. Grimm start as a pig in dream shrine? Tied to char $07 or $08 status? (no

matter, removed him I think.)


- Quick if abused can get broken if overused by multiple characters in a row.


- Is speed overflow working still?


- Vysage hand graphic messes up due to how it's colored in yy-chr (should only use 2nd

half of palette bar.


- try find out why serpent trench map byte overfill... Import original map over it and see

stuff... or wouldn't it be overfill of previous map(s) wor? maybe going 1 byte over.


2F6C56 2F9F16 MAP Yes World of Ruin Map Data 6/24/2002

2F9F17 2FB830 MAP Yes Serpent Trench Map Data 6/24/2002





- fucking serpent trench map tile fucked???

EF4A46 52D2 No 0000438E-00009664 52D7

one fucking byte overfilled at 2F9D17, put back to 1A fixed



- IMPORTANT!: (Aerith palette has something important that caused me grief before at:

C2CE43) Should be 08.

doing this, however, causes the generic male sprite to crash usme...



Change back Cecksum data each time:

after expanding with CE, they become D3 A7 2C 58, I had them before 8B B9 BC F5






Free space left in C2:

36 bytes at C2/3B97

36 bytes at C2/48CC

27 bytes at C2/6195

24 bytes at C2/3F21

12 bytes at C2/41DA

Other stuff:


- there are 5 NPCs that can be used left over from Rachel event in Kohlingen.


- 14D A9:5 Used for changed shadow dialog if used vector healing house. (set on oboro in

cafe when get more text boxes for alternate text.


- Overkill patch (not working anymore, no room, relocate possible?)


- hard version, easy version. (Kaizo version.)

banon dead game over on death on Kaizo:

C2/06DF-C2/06E1: A9 06, 8D 6E 3A


- get eggers palette patch working -- update Aurora and others to Zozma's latest.


- Flawless Victory almost working but there's a bug with formations over 500 or something

I think it is.


- can replace either the red/blue crystal for another monster spot, and use the previos

spot for another monster graphic.


- Have battles on the way to the king in doma poisoning, dead npcs turn into

zombies or skelletons.


- should be imps, cyberdemons, and zombie soldiers inside doom cave.


- Create an actual Casino mini-game in the Blackjack.


- Betting minigame with the dog fighting (moogle prinny). Make so you bet 100, 500, or

1000, and then the dogs seperate to there spots and begin to fight, and theres a psuedo-

random jump to one or the other of them falling down, and you win or lose money, and it

resets after.


- Have npc/event that grants level up for something. Event command lvl = 9E XX YY.


- Put fish in crazy old mans pond with a prinny looking at it, for a fising mini game.


- Pirates Cove should have pirate zombies and ghost pirate monsters, and some sort of

event or expansion to it.


- 'Nuke Wars'! BMO minigame. (Towns 'nuke' each other with F8 event command.)


- Tifa flashback event use somewhere? (it's in the ROM still)


- Leo ressurection event via the Time Egg.


- Issue with pause current song list is that any past 7F (normal range) it will not read

and cut off any in front of it, like FF at the end.

So, here are all the songs that I took out that should be relocated to work with pause

resume song code:

85 89 8D 92 A0 AB AF B1 BB BF C0 C3 C6 C8 C9 CB D0 D6 D7 DB DF E9 EA D9 DA DD DF E9 EA EC

maybe the code can be changed to allow for songs past 7F, but I doubt it.

(asked Fred he might be able to do it.)


- Had C0 F1 80 E5 65 02 check at a jump at C4397 for save point floating continent thing,

if ever want to add save point back after atma death. The code for that is still in the

ROM at CC/65E5.


Pipe dreams:

- New custom towns & dungeon maps.

- expand dialog. (pretty much manditory for continuation of hack progress)

- expand items.

- choosing Lone Wolf instead of Mog, he will join your team instead, with unique skill and


- Have an option in the config menu to have an autobattle feature, where the characters

behave like they are in the colosseum for regular battles.

- Have Otis have a different version of Cockatrice (Pepe) as a counter, like Intercepter


- new/ffv spell graphics.


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music player in FF6 :



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Gi Nattak
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0xDFA at January 8, 2015 at 8:37 PM

music player in FF6 :

Yeah isn't it nice?! We have some good documentation on how that music player was implemented, and Madsiur (main assembly guy for rotds) was going to take a shot at it at one point, a while back. But we never got that started, and now spare time has become a real issue. With all the tons of songs in this hack it would take a looong time to get it all up and running I would think, but we do have the document so it might be a reality sometime. =)


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I haven't gave up on the music player idea. Since I'll implement it in my own hack, I'll do the same for ROTDS afterward. However it is not a top priority for me at the moment and since free time is somewhat rare for me, I don't know when it will be implemented.


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Supah Sayin Rick
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I'm here to add a bit more of the future stuff but Mike actually has most of it covered

-The special Reaper in psycho city (Lord Death) will let you meet up with Reaper, who will "temporarily" retrieve the souls of the dead (Leo and Astral) (we originally wanted Astral to die and then bring him back to life as well), and also help you himself (this is if the time egg event with Leo is not put in, if anything there also might be a possibility to use Reaper to get Leo back as well)

-we also plan to add an event in Thamasa where Arc comes in with the group and Eiko flirts with him giving a little kid puppy love thingy thing thing lol

-another event is to make Oboro needed in order to get eiko

-we are also planning at least one more cameo for Finn, Jake and BMO (and possibly lumpy space princess (LSP)) (we are thinking Avalon's dream)

-we also wanted to add a 2 part Leviathan battle, one part using Cloud, Aurora, Oboro and a soldier, the 2nd fight will have Tifa, Leo, and 2 soldiers (we might adjust the teams)  (this one is not a priority)

-I plan on making a custom full sprite sheet of Kluya (currently in the works) and we want to add him for a new special event in the FC, when Zemus is resurrected by Zuriel, Fusoya and Golbez (with Oboro, if he is there I can't remember) get injured, and Kluya comes to the rescue and joins you (we want him to join for another event, possibly against the metroid but we are not sure yet, he would most likely jump in if a char is banished from battle)

-we wanted to add the possibilty of adding 2 generic chars to help you in the large fraust battle (basically if one group only has 1 party member in it we'll add a crimson blade and a fraust guard to help that party member) (this atm is a pipe dream we are not sure if we can pull it off, but its one on the back burner

thats about it for now honestly, but these are not priority just a few things that will be worked on at a much later date in the future


"Sometimes ninjas do wrong to each other, and in dat way the force of tha earf' comes around da moon - and at that presence, da dirt, it overshadows the grass, so you're like, I can't cut dis grass, there's no sun comin' through. So in order to enable each other the two fruits have to look each other in da eye and understand we can only be right, as da ripe is wrong, you know what I mean?"



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Gi Nattak
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-we also plan to add an event in Thamasa where Arc comes in with the group and Eiko flirts with him giving a little kid puppy love thingy thing thing lol

- (and possibly lumpy space princess (LSP)) (we are thinking Avalon's dream)

These two are pretty much wrapped up, Arc is with the group in Thamasa and Eiko runs over to him and the interact more or less, like she is interested in him since he is a young boy etc.

And the LSP one remember she is chasing Avalon there in that one scene?

Both these can be expanded on in some way though I'm sure. Like another Eiko/Arc puppy love flirt scene, and more LSP lol.

While I'm here, I will add one that Angelo and I were going to do once upon a time, that I'd really like to do once everything is expanded hopefully in the future:

- Tifa and Shadow scenario after boat ride to Thamasa. There would be another choose your scenario, which you could do either Aurora/Cloud//Leo scenario first, or Tifa and Shadow. Choosing one first would slightly change things in the others event, although not sure what or how yet. In Tifa/Shadow's, they would arive to Thamasa first, and would more or less have to find an entrance to a mausoleum type dungeon map (using Daryls Tomb Map tiles), full of monsters of course, where they would then find a library that explains a bit on the backstory. Then Intercepter would run off (sensing burning house danger), Oboro would say something like "something's wrong..." and Tifa and Oboro would chase after, fading out the event/scenario. Then in the normal Aurora/Leo/Cloud event, Oboro and Tifa would jump down for the Lava Demon battle etc. So the scenarios would mesh, like they are going on simultaniously.


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Supah Sayin Rick
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that would be awesome to have someday thats for sure

I say we smoke to that right Mike? ;)


"Sometimes ninjas do wrong to each other, and in dat way the force of tha earf' comes around da moon - and at that presence, da dirt, it overshadows the grass, so you're like, I can't cut dis grass, there's no sun comin' through. So in order to enable each other the two fruits have to look each other in da eye and understand we can only be right, as da ripe is wrong, you know what I mean?"



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A Dummy
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Can you please update this list as you complete more things? It would be nice to see which things you finish and cross off the list as this keeps going. (Like working in the Chapel over the auction house has been done so that can be crossed off.)

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