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To start, I want to thank you for this fantastic mod. Although having never finished the original game, I like very much to rediscover and to see all the changes you've made it. 

I do not dwell thank and indicated the reason for my coming:

I'm stuck facing Soul Eater, I can no longer do him any damage because I can not break his invulnerability.

So my question is:

How do I take to defeat? 

I made a quick save in the fight because after a lot of time in the fight, I got to the point where I no longer MP, it is effective for the boss and underlings accompanying my only survivor Reaper is dodging all physical attacks and magic.

Thank you in advance for the help you could give me. 

Sincerely, Clannad.

PS: I am French and not being optimal in English, I used a translator , I apologize in advance for the number of mistakes that you might see in my message.

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At some point during the fight a message pops up mentioning time magic can break Soul Eaters invulnerability. Haste/Slow/Stop, one of those should to the trick, I think it varies throughout the fight.


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Thank you, I did not have time to read this message. I had tested quite a lot of fate(spell) of which meteor but unsuccessfully.
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