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Holay... that was a tough place to beat, this game really makes you try to beat the bosses, phantom train with grimm is just another example.

Being a huge fan of steal ive had to reload save files so that I can ditch an extra character so I can pay Oboron to come with me haha, not only that but trying to beat a boss and steal every turn is insanely hard but I just cant stop.

I signed up just to post about factory X though.. good lord.. i ran out of items in that place, I have 1 recharge left leaving there.

Anyone else have any horror stories up to this point in the game?

Looking forward to whatever other brick walls i need to demolish to beat this game.

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Gi Nattak
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That place is pretty nasty. What is/was your team? Sounds like you got through it, although barely! I enjoy these kind of stories and am interested as well in other's horror stories lol. Thanks for posting :) And welcome!


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My team was Oboro and Avalon and then cloud and tifa of course.

Just an idea for cloud his fith limit break Force Steal should almost switch with Omnislash I was expecting something awesome right after getting omni but its a drain "good for healing mp and hp for sure but was almost a let down since he's learned Cura now"

Still though digging the game. I havent gotten much further I had to get some break dancing moves and been leveling Aurora while sleeping in some inns with Oboro.. :p My team now is Aurora Avalon Oboro and Cloud

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The music should have been a good indicator Magitek / Factory X is not to be trifled with.

Look out for the airship battle(s) leading up to  landing on the Floating Continent. Having played through RotDS several times ... don't want to ruin anything ... that part is definitely a lvl/char check. (awesome music for the one fight though, haha, Megaman X fans rejoice)

And giving Tifa some extra Exp's while you can will make your start in WoR a LOT easier too. 

1.6.... 1.6.... 

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Posts: 3 of ruin time! Not sure if I missed anything on the floating continent or not. Had to restart a few times since I waited for the timer to expire to see if Oboro would show up

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