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Same download links as always.


- fixed an issue of the difficulty selection not working correctly for New Game +. The difficulty choice will now pop up at the start of the Narsh raid sequence instead of before, for NG+. (thanks to Madsiur for the help)

- fixed an issue with the dialog text with character names having strange spacing and line breaks.

- fixed an issue of characters learning magic from guest characters equiped items that teach spells.

- fixed the 'esper restrict' patch that's included with the hack package back to working, it was conflicting.

- fixed a mistake with the 'original item names' patch, to include the new item icons, I forgot to update that.

- fixed some song issues for Aerith's event and in the Chemist's house in Stardust Village.

- fixed yet another of the included patches, the 'return level averaging' patch, where it would freeze at the WoR Eiko event.

- fixes a broken counter and death routine of Blue Tiger Boss AI...hopefully not breaking anything else, but probably.

- updated a couple of LeetSketcher's patches.

- applied Blitz Screen patch of LeetSketcher - the blitz names now show up in the Blitz menu along with the combination input.

- fixed some music player issues. (thanks to Madsiur for getting them fixed, for his music player patch)

- fixed the tile bugs with certain event-related doors from the vanilla game. (thanks to LeetSketcher)

- corrected a not-so-good looking tile in Mount Koltz.

- fixed two issues with the Skull Train/Mr. Grimm battle, with Mr. Grimm looking the other way after being confused, and also his name vanishing for the remainder of the battle if the train was killed first. He now does not float anymore on the train as a result of needing to swap relics for him.

- fixed an issue with Leviathan event where Tifa would not be shown after the battle, and also her arms being in a weird pose possibly before the battle.

- corrected a wrong text box message that pops up after beating Alpha Omega.

- fixed an issue of the overworld music not starting over on a couple WoR town exits.

- disabled access to the menu directly after the train battle, to prevent a music player issue.

- corrected a wrong map message name when you enter it.

- fixed a bug of the player being able to move during a dialog box after JCE3000GT battle.

- re-worked the whole wind sound hint from the rich man's house during Cloud's scenario, and put a guard dog to guard the basement entrace before you should be able to go there.

- lowered hit% of Havoc skill a bit, again. Also raised the time it takes to innitiate by a tad.

- touched up WoB Airship song (first one).

- touched up Sinistral Battle song, again.

- fixed a bug with character stats not refreshing right away with the de-equipping NPC. (thanks to LeetSketcher patch)

- edited some dialog.

- added a new little something in Jericho, just a little extra thing to do.

- swapped the Imperial Castle song for another.

- turned down the volume of the wind tracks in WoR overworld song.

- put back battle theme for monsters in Kefka's Tower, since it's the final dungeon and all.

- removed the weird effect in the Spiral Mountain save point cave.

- nerfed Soul Eater's mag power a bit.

- few dialog edits.


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Great news...but it appears you had to take the link down for bug fixes ? 

* looking forward to checking this out *

On a side note, Persona 5 is turning out to be a very fun RPG  ^_^"


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Gi Nattak
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Yeah, gonna upload the 1.7.3 'fix-it' version now.


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