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Gi Nattak
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Hack has been updated to version 1.7.4.


package -

file -



- fixed an issue with the game not working on psp emulators and possibly others.

- fixed an elusive bug with guest characters having spells from equipment being taught to other characters, and other strange things regarding item magic that have been reported. This might also possibly fix Golbez losing his spells from time to time as well.

- fixed an accidental blunder with Magic Pot summon spell graphics being messed up and lagging really bad.

- fixed some inconsistencies with dog block being set or not set correctly on Eiko & Oboro. (thanks to Exodus for the heads up)

- fixed an issue of the ambient river sound/song going quiet if exiting the menu first thing after Astral joins.

- fixed an issue with the Hedgehog monster in WoR not casting Rippler correctly.

- corrected a song cutting out too fast issue during Ronan's scenario.

- corrected JCE3000GT being killed by Death status on Normal difficulty.

- corrected a bunch of incorrect Spirit (Rage) descriptions. (many thanks to Exodus!)

- buffed Serin's Psycho Blade skill damage a bit.

- nerfed Shadow Flare spell damage a bit.

- Tifa portrait touched up. (thanks to James White)

- touched up Arcana boss song (too much bass).

- touched up Sinistral Battle a bit yet again.

- touched up on Fusoya's spell casting pose. (thanks to James White)

- small graphical event touch-ups during the 'big event on the floating continent'.

- changed Vortex spell graphics back to X-Zone, replaced Goner/Forsaken graphics with that of GrandTrain and named it Dark Matter, because Serin already has the Forsaken animation for one of his skills and I wanted original X-Zone's back.

- did quite a bit of monster stat balancing for all the difficulties, but mostly Insane.

- replaced a couple window/wallpapers. (credit to Madsiur for them)

- applied 'Bird Bars' patch by LeetSketcher.

- re-applied Fancy Walking patch by Lenophis & assassin, fixed by LeetSketcher.


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Thanks for the update! Now I can finally play this again!

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Nice going to give this a look see !!

Also, very happy to see this posted on the new "ngplus" forum  ^_^" 

Currently towards the end of Persona i should, soon, be able to give this game a lot more time.


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