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just beat this awesome hack this morning at 3 am including propagator in devolpers room had some snag issues as i was using a cell phone emulator(Snes9x+) it took a shit from being out of date and deleted all my saves ECT but still beat it minus saving oak or having mog and shadow in WoR still managed to beat it even did the dream stone boss run although tricky on a touch screen this game kicks major arse loved the music selection choices couldn't stop playing gonna do it again with NG+ Later this week great job modders. Fresh new twist on a beloved classic from my greatest days of retro gaming
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Gi Nattak
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Hello there and welcome! Glad to hear you had an enjoyable experience! Always nice to hear. :)
We're still workin away on the next update/version, it's just taking a bit of time more than first thought, but will be worth it.
Thanks for playing & posting and for the kind words.


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What's coming in the update? Anything major or just more tweaks and such? 

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Webbhead08 at October 16, 2017 at 5:07 PM

What's coming in the update? Anything major or just more tweaks and such? 

mostly major npc sprte update and a few mains updated by poco loco (eiko by scarab engima i think), a couple of ports and enemy updates by myself, i think a few patches and code related things also, and prob a few more songs


Your godamn right!

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Wait, you can save oak?  How?

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