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Hi ROTDS Community,

Does anyone know if the moogle charm (or its equivalent) exists in ROTDS? I've looked everywhere, high and low to try and find this thing and I can't seem to locate it. Really hoping it exists as sometimes I like to explore old areas without a random encounter every 10 steps. I have the talisman which helps some, but really would love the moogle charm. 

I have to say I absolutely am in love with this effort by so many people. I have dreamed of doing something similar for years, but having kids and a career seems to fill my days. Recently I was in a car accident so have to take a few months off and happened to get a SNES classic. Few hacks later and I have ROTDS on my mini SNES playing from bed with a wired controller!

Thank you for taking the time to keep this labor of love going. This has been a hard time for me and this game has kept me active and engaged instead of just laying in bed depressed my back hurts.

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Found it,

You bastards, why on earth would you make it the prize for that boss rush lol. That was an olympic event (especially since is my first playthrough), but I finally beat it. Very grateful for emulator save states!

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