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A few points - I'm not quite sure how the stat tabs in the previous playthrough carry over to the new game plus but I think the game might be unintentionally mis calculating a few things. The following is all in new game plus, insane difficulty:

It seems that my HP growth for a few characters is skewed, e.g. Ronan is approaching 4000 hp at lvl 28, (that's with no gear on and no apples used)

In conjunction with that Lightsaber seems to be significantly weaker. I know Lightsaber doesn't swing for much until truly later on but it is hitting like my char's are at bottom HP regardless of their lvl / hp percentage / gear. Lvl 28 Cloud at max HP with Majin, dragon soul, was hitting for barely 100 or 200. Maybe Lightsaber doesn't cut through defense anymore, or it thinks Cloud has more HP than he does? (Can't remember his name) Edgar, as well as Aurora, in same boat with lightsaber, very, very low dmg despite any attempt to make it even reasonable, hopefully the dmg will catch up...

On the flip side, Cloud's limit 7 kills everything that is not a boss or story character just about, which makes any mob a breeze (breeze, ha ha). Ronan's ice storm hits harder than guillotine flash by about 10x (and to multiple), and also hits harder than windslash even against wind weak enemies. Dealing about 2-3k dmg to multiple, 5k plus to single target with him lvl 20's. AKA spam ice storm with him no need for anything else unless its an ice absorbing enemy.

Meteo is pretty soft, mainly because it misses a lot, and that is also in comparison to Ultima, which well... gg. I am kind of glad to see Ultima make a return though, but I am already approaching the 9999 cap with a few chars that are around lvl 25-30.

Last point, Lava Demon fight 2 needs help for insane / new game plus. (My Oboro didn't gain more dmg with throw between weapon equipped or not?) Since you cant equip leo or moggie you better hope your Oboro is stacked because if he doesn't have massive MP and the appropriate spells all learned this fight feels impossible. I had to abuse save state and moggie's inverse to get flood and even with that plus equipping Oboro with red essence shield in the fight, this took me well over an hour in real life time. I should have just gone back outside of town, lvl'd him and spells in hindsight but.... this fight mainly sucks becuase it isn't your chars except for one, and your one char naturally has low hp. Self-destruct will almost always wipe any char and then have fun with soul-fire. I threw about 50 ninja stars this fight (!). A load-gear screen would do wonders here, like the one before Leviathan. I know its insane mode but woooh...  

I hope Lightsaber isn't badly broken the wrong way. 



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Posts: 78

And the pincer fight that shortly follows, I guess I am going back to my last hard save out of town to teach Oboro Ultima because I don't know how else you survive this fight

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