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Markefka Zuckrielberg
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This hack was an absolute blast for the most part, however, it does get two pretty big flaws in the lategame: First is that most WoR bosses (Including superbosses) were too easy, why, you might ask? Because of the hard cap of 65k HP making them very quick to kill, yes, yes i know, that's the integer limit, there's no way to directly pass it, however, this hasn't prevented people from coming up with indirect methods to make bosses not die after taking 65k damage, by "reviving" them multiple times, this guy's videos even have tutorials in the descriptions.

As for scan showing the hp accurately, maybe since there's only a handful of enemies with more than 65k HP you could make their individual scans show their HP as a string rather than a number, to make it able to pass 65k.

Another one is that when attacks start doing 9999 damage consistently some become useless and others OP (I know this is a flaw in the original too but it's more relevant here), now, unfortunately i couldn't find any tutorial on how to increase damage past 9999 and up to a cap of 65k, but apparently it's possible since it's done here?

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Gi Nattak
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Hello there! :)

The HP loop technique is used on quite a few of the bosses, but on the Normal difficulty it isn't very evident, though it should exist on the end bosses and one's like Shenron/Kaiser Drgn and Propagator. But it should become much more apparent starting on the Hard difficulty, many of the bosses will have a sound and message pop up once they loose a 'life', which will let ya know when the HP loops. That guy there in the video link, Lord Envoy, is actually involved with this hack to an extent, there's a bunch of his monster scripts in this hack. If you were not on Normal difficulty I'm not sure what to tell ya.

There does exist a patch and way to excede the HP limit, but at this point it'd require a ton of work to balance and make right, and we're all pretty burned out at this point with this hack lol. Still, maybe someday.

Your idea about scan is a good one. I myself do not have the coding skill to make it happen, but it's good to have an idea about at least to formulate some thought. :) I'm not sure at all how feasible/doable that'd be, but I do know space in the battle bank is all but nonexistent >_<. 


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Greetings. How about expanding the plot larger, including characters from the original? For example, in the original version, Kefka did not die, but reincarnated in Zuriel and is now trying to take power again? characters from

Return of the Dark Sorcerer intersect with the characters from the original, which complement the new events and help to understand the essence of past events (it is possible with the options for managing the original characters along the storyline, some of them will continue)?


To avoid confusion with some characters (there are only two): Make the Emperor from the Return of the Dark Sorcerer to be the ruler’s son from the original. Leo was able to survive in Tamas, but was badly wounded and was in a coma before the events of Return of the Dark Sorcerer, after which he received a cybernetic body.


New names for cities are explained by the change of policy and the arrival of new government forces after the weakening of Geshtal Empire from the attack of espers.

The events themselves in Return of the Dark Sorcerer take place 5-10 years after the original plot.


In general, this idea gives a large scale to create an interesting plot, so that something really new, and not just an alternative story, will appear. At the same time, we need minimal graphic innovations (unless we draw original characters, and we shouldn't add them all).


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Poco Loco
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hey thank you for the interest but we are not taking ideas to change the story, this is set in it's own timeline and is it's own story, it is not related to nor tied into the original other than a few things here and there, this is it's own contained story 


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