Return of the Dark Sorcerer: A FFVI mod


Merrrrry Christmas!

Version 1.4.3 is out! That is all. Enjoy!

Version 1.4 is released! Another Halloween release!

One full year later... The hack evolves in a major way! Happy Halloween! Keep the feedback coming, please! Review here:

Version 1.3 is released!

And what a huge update it is!

Halloween release!

Version 1.2 is officially ready to download and play! Check the link(s) and/or get in contact with me if you have any issues or questions. Thank you for playing!


As promised, ROTDS v1.0 has been released today on Halloween 2014!

Thank you to all the beta testers and people that helped out with the hack!

Download the patch here: 

Have fun! 

Gi Nattak 

Phase 4 hath arrivithed!

I forgot all about this news section. Well, as we know, phase 4 of the beta testing has begun and been going on actually for a couple weeks now. Lots of bugs and issues have been found and taken care of. Version 1.0 will be made to the public after the testing is all wrapped up and things are good to go, which shouldn't be more than a couple months. Things have never looked, sounded, and played better. Arc is not Gau anymore, as was the plan, new items abound, new WoR overworld map, tons of new and expanded sprites, etc. According the feedback thus far it all came out pretty darn good.


April 22nd, 2013 Update

'Phase 3' of the testing has begun! Nothing really more to say except that for the next and final phase, there will be a new story line and events for Arc, since he is basically a carbon copy of Gau still as it is and people hate that and I don't blame 'em. There will also be more story and twists for the character Avalon. Besides that, I will work on fixing any more bugs that arise, finishing up some other things I started, as well as some of the issues that I have had no luck at all fixing this whole time. The next build will not be out for months. Take care!

Gi Nattak 

Dec. 18th Update!

The latest build of the hack was sent out today, and I'd like to thank and credit my buddy Poco Loco for hooking it up with the new 'Avalon' character, as well as making a nice Raditz NPC which is most welcomed. ^_^ Also, behind the scenes he is working on what will be the new dialog and story for Arc's new story/event. I'm not sure when I will begin this work, but I'd like to say thanks to Poco for taking care of all the dialog for it as well as changing a lot of lines that Avalon says, making him less like Cyan basically.

Also, I'd like to shout out Madsiur for helping me with the updated Class Titles for the characters and also turning me on to a movie The Neverending Story that I somehow missed as a kid lol. ;)  Better late than never, as they say.

Let's see, In other news, member lockirby is still working on a new overworld map and I must say it's coming along really nice! He showed me a update of it and its really getting there and you guys will be really surprised when that finally happens, as will I.

Also, I'd like to send my thoughts and prayers out to the families of that horrible elementary school shooting last Friday in CT, I'm sure all of you have done the same.

Christmas is almost here, and hopefully the world won't come to an end here on Friday...but if it does, it's been real fun guys, nothing lasts forever.


Mike (Gi Nattak) 

Dec. 01, 2012 - Testing enters 'Phase 2'! 

After an extremely long pause, we are now ready to test the latest build of RotDS!

So much has changed since the last build, I really hope you guys enjoy all the hard

work that was put into it and blah blah blah...just have fun! ;) 


 In other news, one of our members, Lockirby, is in the process of doing a WHOLE new overworld map!

 This will obviously take some amount of time, and once it's finished there will still be a lot of work to do. It's really looking good so far and he's doing a fantastic job, so please do look forward to that and wish him luck.


April 17th update

The final beta is ready to go and I am sending it out. Anyone interested in receiving a copy for testing contact me in within the next couple days! Thank you.

April 1st Update

Nattak here, sorry for my absence. I'm getting very close now to sending out the final beta in the next couple days, I'm still working on finishing it up here, so please bare with me!

Also, for some crazy reason I am having trouble posting anything in the forums, not sure wtf is going on there. =X

Attention All Beta Testers!

I will be handling the beta testing phase of the ROM, send me an email to [email protected] for more details about the process!


Site seems to be OK again...Beta still not out yet.

Hi there guys, just wanted to say here quickly that for whatever reason, this site has been allocated with more bandwidth, and for now seems to be good again. Also, I've received a few messages regarding where the beta is to be downloaded - it is still not ready yet, but as soon as it is I will let you guys know, and put a link up to the .IPS patch, no ROM links this time! So no worries about missing out on it yet, we've still got a couple things to work out on our side here. =) 

Gi Nattak 

Grand Opening! --- The Hack nears completion!

Hello and welcome to the site! It will remain under construction here while RotDS nears completion. Progress is still going great - both Angelo and myself are working diligently on finishing up some event related 'things', adding a new overworld cave, and a few other last minute ideas. And then there's the testing...

If -you- are interested in beta testing this hack, please contact me while there is still time! (Within the next week or so) It would be more than welcome. =)

Enjoy your stay here, and feel free to post anything hack related, or just even to say hello or whatever else there might be to talk about. ^_^ 

 Gi Nattak